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In 2006 we began a long journey to build the Chiricahua Desert Museum, along with a gift shop and gallery. We opened our doors April 1, 2009. There were many

roadblocks along the way, but it was worth everything to realize a lifelong dream to offer a year-round, state-of-the-art, live reptile exhibit to the visitors and residents of the Portal, Arizona and Rodeo, New Mexico area.

To date we have over 60 species on exhibit. They include some of the most rare and endangered animals native to our area, along with many beautiful snakes and lizards from adjacent Mexico.

Our art gallery is growing constantly. We have many gorgeous pieces from a wide variety of sources, plus we proudly showcase an amazing wildlife artist, Tell Hicks.

Many of his prints are available in our gift shop. He visits the area often and can often be seen painting here during regular hours. Tell also loves to talk with visiting

nature enthusiasts who stop by the museum.

Our wildlife and botanical garden provides many opportunities to view and photograph native birds, lizards and turtles in natural settings. The garden is open to

everyone for a leisurely stroll through - no charge.

We offer special tours and rates for groups, including schools.

Please call (575) 557-5757 or 575-545-5307 for more information.




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